Leaving Toronto

I'm typing this in an internet coffee shop that is connected to the hotel, and I'm here waiting to meet up with an ex-pat called Andrew before I fly out later this evening. The computers here are awful, and security is even worse (they have removed the 'Start' button from the toolbar, but typing “C:” into Internet Explorer brings up the root drive… Fear my L33t hacking skills).
I'll do a proper post about my time here after I get home, but to do a quick summary – Toronto is a really nice place, the people are great and I had a fun time. It was weird to finally meet Joey, and I realised just how insane I was to travel halfway across the globe to meet a bloke I only know from the internet, and a huge number of people who didn't know me at all.

(Thankfully there was the social lubricant of beer available, so I was only uncomfortable for a bit – more on the party, and the other people I've met here in my next post).

I have drunk way too much coffee, and walked for miles (so much so that at one point I couldn't get out of bed…) I now have an eight hour flight to get back to London at 6:30am. Then I shall sleep, before doing a couple of night-shifts. See how easily I slip back into my normal life from the lifestyle of an international traveller.

So, more later, assuming my plane doesn't want to pretend it's a submarine and plunge into the Atlantic.

(Can you tell I'm nervous flyer?)

6 thoughts on “Leaving Toronto”

  1. You are not insane, you are adventurous. If you had not done it, none of us would have had the fun of meeting you or speaking with you. Come back some day!

  2. It was really great meeting you. I wish we had longer to chat, but I felt like we were all yelling at eachother at that point. And even then it was hard to hear! Have a safe trip back. Hope you don't start work completely jet-lagged/knackered.

  3. Please do not worry about your plane's crew having to yell “diving stations, everybody!” as the impact on the water surface will immediately convert you to strawberry-coloured jam. Although I must admit that the squishy red paste might indeed sink, if there are no sharks nearby.Cheers,



  4. There is more danger at Hyde park corner or on the A 13 or the N. Circular, than in getting quished in the air . So relax, thats why they give one a whiff of oxygen to nervous nellies on those mobile blue streekers. Of course if ye need a little cheerring up, then I can get out my sand bucket and tell the 'tail' how the landing gear retracted before the pilot had got up to speed. Ah ! the good old days. Dungbeetle.

  5. Tom, it was absolutely wonderful meeting you! Please feel free to drop by Toronto again soon, and hopefully Wendy and I will be able to get out to London to see you and the rest of the London blogging gang!BTW, June (the blonde English nurse who married my high school classmate Kevin) sends her regards too.

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