Well, I didn't die on the flight over, and it was actually more pleasant than I expected it to be – there was more legroom that I am normally used to, and the food was actually approaching edible.
You will, I'm afraid, have to put up with my lack of spell checking, and even editing – as I am writing this on one of those '$3 for an hour of Internet' shops. At least it lets me check my email.

The weather is much like Londons at the moment, perhaps a bit more of a bite to the wind, although I do note that Torontonions (is that right?) seem to wrap up warmed than those in the UK, is this intelligence on their part, as they are less bothered by fashion, and more bothered with keeping warm.

Talking about fashion, I can't tell who the homeless beggars are, everyone seems to have a cup of coffe, and in London walking around holding a cup is reserved for people who are begging for money.

The people here are really friendly, I'm yet to work out if I am supposed to answer shop staff when they ask me how I am. The hotel in which I am staying has a very 1970's feel, which I find comforting somehow. I also find it amusing that I can watch TV episodes before they start in the UK…

Talking of which – I recommend that when 'The Incredibles' opens in your part of the world, you should go and see it – it's a great film, from the design of the characters and sets, to the musical cues. And the name of one of my City of Heroes characters is used. (Geeky I know, but it really is a good film).

I walked past Joey's house this morning, so I know I can find it tomorrow night. Toronto itself, is a little like East London (big ethnic mix, downtown is full of little shops that do all sorts of things), and the Isle of Dogs, with their tower blocks and very wide streets. These wide streets may mean I get to see the inside of an ambulance in a not-so-good way, because the cars all drive on the 'wrong' side of the road. The McDonalds here though are awful, they seem to be full of drunks, madmen and the homeless, and the meals don't taste as good as the McD's in London.

I am, as they say, enjoying myself…

4 thoughts on “Landed”

  1. Be yer friendly Cockney self,me old China not be one from 'arrow on the ***** '***. ye be lucky ye found some Canadiens home, so many fly south with Geese to parts south. Glad ye olde pilot turned right at Greenland. Enjoy enjoy, trie some cafes and diners, much nicer. Dungbeetle.

  2. Oh, my. I think you may have gone to the horrible “boulevard of broken dreams” McDonald's near Joey's house. That one truly is terrible. Looking forward to meeting you at Joey's 🙂

  3. It's so much fun to read your post about half an hour after you posted, sitting in my classroom probably not too far from where you are, when I should be paying attention to the teacher. :-)Re wrapping up warm: I think you are correct. I have read before that Canadians (leaving out Quebecois) are less concerned about fashion that people in the UK. That may be putting it charitably. 🙂 And we wrap up warm at this time of year because we have switched over to our winter clothes, which are designed for when it gets colder than this.

    When shop staff ask you how you are today, they are being professionally friendly. I always anwer, fine, how are you? And neither of us seriously thinks that either one of us cares how the other is, and then we proceed to business. It is ritual social exchange.

    Don't bother going to another McDonald's for heaven's sake. Try Queen Street West (of University Avenue) or Dundas Street West (ditto) for some better food.

    Have a good time the rest of your stay!

  4. Cool report. Enjoy Toronto, it's a great place for fun, and hooking up with Joey definitely sounds like the way to maximise that!

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