Arrival at Heathrow
I've managed to get to Heathrow without any trouble, and am now logged on to a T-Mobile hotspot. Musty say, I don't like the way you buy your 'hours' as when the transaction is complete it sends you back to the original 'but hours' screen, which may make some people think that the transaction has failed.

Unlike the last time I flew, I'm actually quite relaxed about the whole thing, even if it means spending eight hours in a cramped tin can that could turn into a flaming ball of death at any moment. Maybe it is because this time I'm not running massively late, and the only person I have to worry about is myself, and not my mother/brother.

Now…I am in severe need of some Dutch courage, so I am now off to prop up the bar at O'Neill's for a bit.

5 thoughts on “Heathrow”

  1. Tom, the flight's gonna be fine, and lots of fun people will be there when you land. I'm flying up there tomorrow myself, and will see you Saturday. 🙂

  2. Just remember, in the event that the plane slams into the water at 600mph, the hi-viz life jackets will help locate the wreckage and the laminated passport photos can be used to identify the bodies…

  3. Toronto weather report. 10cm of rain today with low fog, Artic low coming in with heavy lake effect rain and possible wet snow flurries overnight. 2C tonight with high of 7C expected tomorrow. From 3 klicks south of TO airport, it is not too bad right now, 10.30 PM local, hope you get in before that low gets here. Enjoy the landing.PS be careful!!! anything in a Toronto gutter after midnight is fair game for the raccoons. we lose more tourists that way…

  4. Landings…landings… I'm fine with take-off, love the flight but being hurled at a piece of tarmac at 180mph is just WRONG!Best of luck Tom & keep us posted 🙂


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