One Week

A week can be a long time, especially if you are working a week of late shifts starting at 6pm and finishing around 3am the next day starts to wear on your sanity a bit – and I have the scientific proof…
Take a look at last Tuesdays post, a jokey little post, followed on Wednesday by another rather upbeat posting. On Thursday (after only one shift), I'm moaning about the type of people who are calling me out for minor illness (and a moan about Christmas). Then on Friday I moan about being sent into dangerous situations, and I tell you that I want to hurt people if they annoy me. On Saturday I can't even be bothered to write a full post, and just tell you about even more stuff being stolen from the LAS.

Sunday, I can't be bothered to post at all.

And finally on Monday I have an excessively whiny post about, strangely enough, whiny people.

In 'real life', I had my 'decamp' interview yesterday, after a scant four hours sleep. It turns out that when I get moved from my current flat (nice flat, just surrounded by scrotes, drunks and drug addicts) I shall almost certainly end up with a much smaller property. If I were a teenager I'd post up some angsty bit of poetry – so be thankful I'm too old for that sort of stuff.

Today, I'm bleedin' knackered, and I feel like I need a revitalising break. This is rather good timing as I fly out to Canada tomorrow. Hopefully, when I get back I won't be quite so eager to stab people in their eyes with my pen because they live in a nicer flat than me, and quite obviously don't deserve it.

During this little break, I shall be doing my best to check my email , and I may even manage an update or two while I am away. But I wouldn't hold your breath, for I may just find myself very drunk and laying in a Toronto gutter. If you are in Toronto between then and Tuesday you can always phone me on +00447903257650

Back sometime on Tuesday…

5 thoughts on “One Week”

  1. I was in Toronto from Chicago over the weekend, and actually went up to a Palladium municipal ambulance crewed by 2 women and told them about your blog and that you were coming and hoping for an invite to a station, so your coming is already foretold… enjoyd b in Chicago

  2. *unlurks – I am a big fan of your posts, and certainly share your pain on the flat issue.Just wanted to say I've had nice big flats in crap areas and tiddly tiny ones in nice areas. Generally I have felt better in the nicer areas, despite the lack of space. The area you live in can affect your mood so you may find the new place does work out for the better. Case in point – since I stopped having to smell tramps piss on my front steps I have felt much more perky in general.

    Have a nice break in Canada.

  3. I would just like to say, I've been reading your blog religiously since it was published in Web Active. I, myself wanted to work as a paramedic, until i had an accident almost 18months ago. I love hearing your stories of the night/day even though at times it seems like you dont want to be there. Look forward to hearing about your trip when you return!Liz

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