More Nicked

It's getting so you have to tie things down now…
Yesterday a “Decontamination POD” truck was stolen, this is an unmarked truck that we use to carry around chemical incident equipment. The current word is that this truck was carrying a load of atropine – which is the treatment for nerve agents.

If people were to start injecting this into themselves, they could get serious (as in fatal) effects.

I leave it as an exercise for the reader to decide if this is a good, or a bad thing…

15 thoughts on “More Nicked”

  1. Phosgene? Maybe they stole the Atropine to go along with it.. Either that or you'll have a lot os PSVT type calls over the next few days..

  2. I wouldnt worry – the truck is probably heading north, So it wont be the London Paras that ahve to pick up the pieces!

  3. Please tell me that you have told the police. The first thing I thought of, when I read your post was: treatment for nerve agents would be handy, as a precaution in their “first aid kit”, for people planning a chemical attack on London's underground railway.Rachel in SE7

  4. Spoke to one of the people on the Decon team…they still haven't found the phosgene, nor have they found the three sticks of Caesium that went missing last year.Doc, what does PSVT mean, I'm not aware of that acronym.

  5. Yep, police are aware, and Control sent out a general broadcast to have us all looking out for it.It is a little worrying, but I suspect that it wasn't stolen to order, it's a lot more likely that some scrots nicked it for a joyride.

    Suppose I'll worry more if we never find it again (like the phosgene truck)…

  6. Paroxysmal Supraventricular tachycardia or PSVT or for us little folks ticker jammed by reason of rust injected by poison, I.e. doth think ye old blood has stopped circulating?

    at least the pipes are not corroded or burst. Dungbeetle.

  7. I once injected myself with 2mg of Atropine, certainly different.I don't get the connection however, with Phosgene, atropine has no particular effect on Phosgene as it is not a nerve agent.

  8. You know, as soon as I posted that question, I remembered what PSVT meant, I suspect that working seven night shifts on the trot is having a slight detrimental effect on my mental status.Just don't ask me to cout backwards from a hundred in jumps of seven…

  9. I'm going to draw a veil over your injecting yourself with Atropine…But as you say, Atropine isn't a treatment for Phosgene poisoning – which is why I suspect some scrote is wondering just *what* he has stolen, and if he could sell it down the local boot market.

    Unless of course some naughty people have some nerve gas from another part of the world…

  10. I injected myself with the atropine in front of 24 doctors and three dentists, it Was an accident, I picked up the real injector instead of the training injector.(it also contained 500mg of Pralidoxime, should have taken the 5mg Valium in the cap and done the whole thing properly, LOL)I became known as the Combopen Kid.

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