9 thoughts on “Too F**king Early”

  1. This is why you people need to adopt Thanksgiving as a holiday. It's blissfully commercial free (so far) and it holds Xmas back for another month.

  2. My local shopping centre stuck thiers up last week. I got scared didnt realise we were that close to christmas – then i realised that its October, and i havent begun shopping for Easter yet!Argh Dilema!

  3. Do you know anyone (over the age of 12) who thinks Christmas is anything but one enormous pain in the arse? I don't!Natalie

  4. i thought the same thing yesterday when i saw the christmas stuff in my local hardware store.its even more surprising as its in japan!

  5. My local supermarket had its first display of Christmas-type foodstuffs – mince pies, cake etc – before the end of the school summer holidays this year, I think that was the earliest ever. I checked the 'best before' date on a box of mince pies, and it was 11.11.04. I just don't get it. But then I'm not a Christmas fan either.

  6. What !!! You mean, you people haven't been stocking candy for Halloween !!! For God sake it's already november 1st what are you waiting for !!! Only 364 day to go !

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