No Insult Intended

Because I feel like making some enemies, here is my take on the Geek Hierarchy, but for Bloggers. All of it is very much 'tongue in cheek' and no offense is intended for any insults real or imagined – apart from LiveJournal users…
The Blogger Hierarchy

If you want to reproduce this, then feel free, but if possible could you save it to your own server please – I don't think my bandwidth can handle any more. The next time I do something like this, I won't be drawing it in Paintshop Pro, I'll actually use a flowchart drawing program.

This is the sort of thing I get up to when I'm not working/sleeping – you will be glad to hear that I'm back to work tomorrow, and for the next seven days

18 thoughts on “No Insult Intended”

  1. I think you have way too much spare time but you've just about caught it all. I'm now wondering if I should quit becasue I recognise too much of it. Thank god I've not been reduced to cats yet!

  2. H01A!Well…Most of it applies to me as well, I wanted to be as inclusive as possible. I don't own a cat.

    And when it comes to wasting time if I have one day off then it's either this, or play City of Heroes…

  3. Super!Sent me all the way over from bloglines in order to leave this 'super' comment.

    Maybe you could add 'blogger comments' users somewhere near the bottom as well?

  4. Very interesting. I get my best results as a bilingual blogger on the right column. I have copied this with a link (

  5. Oh No..I am beyond the pale: I posted about my cat last week ( but only because it died.. that can't count surely). Goes to drag her blog to her own webspace and re do it in moveable type. God I'm such a snob.

  6. Comment I left on LinkMachineGo:It's like the theory of relativity. I look down, across and up at myself, sometimes seeing only the back of my head.

    Wanna see some pictures of a kitten?


  7. Very recently I really WANTED good ferret photos. But only to slag off a politician.Can we have a blogger purity test? Please please pretty please?

    At least I always credit stuff, and my dog is too cute to post a snap or my reputation would be ruined.

    – barista

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