As someone brighter than me has mentioned I tend to do stuff when I write them down here for everyone to look at, so in order to get me off my arse I will now tell you about the upcoming stuff in my life.
Joi Ito is coming to town, I need to buy him a drink. Plans are being made.

I should be doing the Major Incident support for the West Ham vs Stoke City football match. Six hours of overtime doing very little sounds like a plan (and something people might be interested in reading about).

I've got my name down to take part in a London Underground training exercise. Should be good for a laugh (and as above, something that people might be interested in reading about)

Short digression…It's not a bad thing to be thinking 'Cool, something new to write about' when deciding whether to volunteer for something?

If annual leave is available then I shall be popping over to Toronto for Joey deVilla's birthday party, and offer congratulations on him and the Redhead getting engaged.

Talk to the nice council lady who is arranging my 'decant' from the current crap-hole I live in to a (hopefully) nicer place. All because they want to knock down my tower block, at least partly because it would cost too much to bring the flats up to “Government Minimum Standard”..

Go along to my first London weblogger meeting – well I am supposed to be group leader. If you are in London then feel free to pop along and say 'Hi'.

Try to maintain sanity for the Funjunkie Blogger Christmas party.

For those that are interested, the drunk man who collapsed on me and became deeply unconscious went to ITU where he then woke up. Appears that it was just an overdose of alcohol and that he is an inpatient at a mental health unit…

I've seen a 14 year old female acting like she had something seriously neurologically wrong with her, she was intubated, CT scanned (quite rare in the UK), spinal tapped, puzzled over and ended up in ITU. The next day she was walking out of the hospital with a bad hangover.

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  1. Any chance of giving away the location of the blogger meetup, so we don't have to sign up to another bloody web service?

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