4 thoughts on “Things That Amuse Me #2”

  1. …things that amuse me 2a:- that you'd try and rapidly gain access to nursing homes – if they really want you, they'll let you in.

    – that in the cold environs of London you would not have the odd trauma/medical that is wrapped in mutiple layers of clothing and is genuinely sick/unconscious and you really need to remove their clothing for fear of embarressment (two r's or two s's – can never really remember) by a picky triage nurse.

    My old trusty shears are nearly 8 years old and still work better than the service supplied el-cheapo ones.

    Happy clothes shearing or door opening!

  2. Ewww…I just said I cut off the clothes of drunks..you know, urine, stale beer and worse.

    I'm not going to risk them anywhere near a cup of tea of mine. But I have used them to cut my toenails,,,

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