Like an idiot, I've taken on the role of group manager for the London web-loggers group. If you are a London blogger, or someone who would like to be a London blogger come along, sign up and say 'hi' to folks. There is also a forum which could prove handy…
The 'mini-blogmeet' I had recently went well, more people turned up than I was expecting, including Colin (who's link I've lost), Pixeldiva, Mozrat, and Stroppycow (who will not post any pictures of me if she knows what is good for her).

Then people from my 'real' life turned up, which was more than a little weird as in my head I have all the people I know grouped into 'Blog friends', 'Real-life friends' and 'Work friends', and it was more than a bit jarring to have these two separate groups meet up in one place. Still fun was (I think) had by all, I remained sober enough to walk, and no-one starting fighting…

So this is why I'm taking on the role of group manager – because blogmeets are a great place to make more friends, build contacts and generally relax with people who share a shared interest in blogging.

7 thoughts on “Meetup.Com”

  1. Thats like more responsibility in your already over stretched hectic life!Are you a complete flunatic?

    only kidding!

  2. Yep, I had a good time on the mini-blogmeet.Great to meet Tom and other new people, and also what a great pub!


    ~SM (mozrat)

  3. There is nothing wrong with the picture… Then again I like my bones were they are so you are safe for now.

  4. “Samantha” (see your new member on the blog meetup thingy)doesn't look as if she is really interested in blogging …

    Prejudices R Us 🙂

  5. Sorry I couldn't make the meet last week. I had intended to but circumstances intervened. I even had my "emergency drinking trousers" at work. When you cycle to work in the city you find that some wine bars take a dim view of guys in lycra shorts mingling with the pin-stripe suits. So I slip the aforementioned trews over my cycling gear in order to drink. Mind you the cycle home is possibly not the wisest move. Look forward to the next flashmob 🙂

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