How Not To Park An Ambulance

You really don't want to park your motor like that… Luckily both members of the crew were unhurt. Current info is that they were running on blue lights to a call, when a car in front decided to overtake another vehicle that had seen the ambulance and had (correctly) pulled over to the side of the road.

From Big White Taxi Service forums.

And in a multimedia frenzy, you can read about how a dog led nightly escapes at Battersea Dogs home, and can even watch a video of him doing it.

12 thoughts on “How Not To Park An Ambulance”

  1. in the lower picture, what are the yellow “bags” fori have seen them in the door well, and always wondered what you kept in them?

  2. Bad crash, there's always some idiot unaware of what's going on around him/her.As for the doggy story – brilliant!!

  3. Luckily no one hurt. On the positive side of things…one less bloody DAF/LDV to have to drive…poxy pieces of shit!

  4. the little yellow bags hold our safety helmets, which we are supposed to wear when we go on building sites, major incidents, under trains – that sort of thing. They are one of the bits of kit that are often missing from ambulances however, as they are easy to 'misplace'.

  5. Nah…bit of micropore to patch up the fibreglass shell and it'll be back on the road.(I'm not sure if I'm joking at this point…)

  6. Its really a simple rule. SLow and move right, yet people the world over just ignore it and the Big Orange Taxis (Or Big White busses..;) ) anyway..I think that if you cause a wreck of are involved in such with an Emergency vehicle becuase you failed to yield, it should be automatic license suspension for 90 days and then revokaion until you can prove you can folow the law.

    Where I used to live, if the PD saw failure to yield or some other crap, they would at least pull the joker over and give him a ticket. That's even rare to find these days.

  7. Probably the wrong time to confess that when I first moved to the UK I probably gave an ambo crew a bit of a fright when hearing the siren I instinctively did what most right hand drive drivers do… shift to the right. I did realise the mistake in time though – just about.

  8. Are the helmets not personal issue? Apparently its important to keep a correct record of usage of PPE, and therefore the only proper way to do this is make everyone accountable for their own! Are they cromwells? I kinda need to aquire one ;)Hope the vehicle doesnt end up back on the run, it could have a chassis twist in it or some other detrimental damage.

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