Reason #32 Why I Hate Day Shifts

It's been busy today, extremely busy, so busy we didn't even manage to wave at the ambulance station as we whizzed past it to (yet another) bellyache. What makes this worse is that they are 12 hour shifts, and I'm working four of them. 7am until 7pm is a long time, you tend to get some of the busiest times of the day (pub kicking out time is perhaps a shade more busy), and there is plenty of work even if you remove the inter-hospital transfers that we find ourselves doing.
When you get a 'late job' and end up returning to station at the end of a shift late by half an hour, it is really rather disheartening to realise that you are closer to the start of your next shift than you are the beginning of the shift you are finishing.

By the time you factor in travel to and from work, you realise that you have two hours of 'free time' for that day, and that you are going to 'lather, rinse, repeat' the whole thing tomorrow… Is it any wonder it's hard to keep relationships going when they see you for less than two hours a day (and less than that if they don't live with you).

So today – because it rained, we had two people who slipped and fell; neither of which were seriously hurt. There were two people with abdominal pain (at least one of these were constipated), one little old lady with a urine infection, one transfer of an inpatient to another hospital so that they could have dialysis. Another patient had been mugged, but was essentially unharmed (we were called by worried police officers), one more had a cough while another was a 75 year old who was hyperventilating (and didn't speak English, so I couldn't calm him down). Our final job (which made us late) was a known depressive, who had told her psychiatric nurse that she was going to kill herself – which she wasn't going to do, but had managed to lock herself in her flat…

A busy day, especially when I've had the week off. Hopefully it will be a little quieter tomorrow.

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  1. I work 12 hour shifts too. They really suck. I have been reading your blog for a while..I am a MRI tech in the states. Same shit different continent.

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