Bits & Pieces

Just a few bits of info.
1) I'm looking forward to a drink tonight, although given the fact thatyesterday I was staggering home after two weak ales, my first alcoholic drink in ages – if you want decent conversation, you better turn up early… Because the few photos of me floating around apparently look nothing like real life, I shall be wearing a '404 /shirt/tie/ not found' t-shirt, with a red shirt over it. If you are the first person there you will also probably see me fiddling with a bit of technology.

2) They are knocking down my dump of a tower block (Yay!), there was a meeting last night, which told us that because “security and safety” are too much of a problem, and it would cost £10 million to makes the flats up to the governments 'basic standard' we are all going to get decanted to other properties.

Considering the safety/security problems are caused mainly by the residents, I suspect the council wants to disperse people. Also Barking town centre is undergoing “regeneration”, and as my block is on prime land, I'm sure they don't want the likes of us spoiling their plans…

Good news is that I will get a lump sum of £3,500 for having to move, which will pay of half of one of my credit cards.

3) It is my workmates funeral tomorrow, the family want a service funeral, so we are all turning up in uniform, unfortunately that uniform means long-sleeved shirts, of which, I have precisely none. (It's easier to wash body fluids from bare arms than have to launder a shirt). I'm not the only person with this problem, so people who have long sleeved shirts are lending them to those who don't have any.

4) While I wanted to do something interesting on my days off, I have instead been undertaking the epic “Cleaning the flat” which is taking much longer than I thought – but it does look very nice now. All set for it to be bulldozed in the new year I suppose.

5) My brother has bought me a nice new shiny laptop, I have to pay him back at £50 a month, but at least he isn't charging me interest. Thanks Bruv!

5 thoughts on “Bits & Pieces”

  1. Bugger! I'm not in London til Monday or I would be there.Thanks for dropping by and commenting, it turns out to be 'Nortons' at fault tho' (no surprise there!), I have to disable it to visit you for now but I'll get it sorted someday. Can I ask how you found out I was having problems? I'm intrigued.

    Thanks again :o)


  2. Hey Reynolds, I hear Barking & Dagenham managed to elect the BNP in on the council or something.I hope it was nothing to do with you ::rasies eybrow::


  3. I (me=mapman from previous comment) went to the pub last night about 7:30 and couldn't find you – upstairs or downstairs. Ended up having my tarot cards read… which is a first for any pub I've ever been in.Where were you sitting? We're you too pissed by 7:30 to hang around?

  4. Well, I was there, along with a couple of others (I'll write about it later) in my '404' shirt. And I didn't get too pissed either (by 19:30 I think I'd only had one pint). At that time we were sitting downstairs in the first booth on the left.And I stayed until they kicked me out into the street…

    Sorry you never saw us, I hope that Mad Marian gave you a decent tarot reading.

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