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  1. It's not a flashmob, those are so early 04's…It's just

    (a) I need to get out and meet people more.

    (b) Writing it here means I'm definitely going to do it (excellent advice from another reader).

    (c) Pixeldiva suggested it, and it sounded like a good idea.

    (d) My tolerance for alcohol is so low now it's a cheap night out.

  2. Heh, you should have seen how nervous I was at the first blogmeet I went to…wasn't much better at the second one either.You can always just run up to me and say 'Hi'. I very rarely bite, and I'm only rude to patients.

    Just turn up when you want, I'll probably be there in a decreasing state of sobriety until the last bell.

    Then I'll dial 999 and get a white taxi home to Newham…

  3. Shouldn't you wear something distinctive, and tell us what it is? No, I wasn't going to suggest white coat or green-so-as-not-to-show-the-blood overalls. Nor a Batman costume, you might be arrested on suspicion of being about to climb up the side of Buckingham Palace. I don't know what to suggest, really. :-)Rachel in SE7

  4. I really love the names of your pubs over there in England – “Bell, Book and Candle” sounds very quaint! It's doubtful that I'll get a flight to arrive in time for your pub session, but I send greetings from New Zealand. I have to say that I'm thoroughly enjoying your 'blog. An English friend of mine sent me the Guardian article about you and your 'blog and since then I've made sure that I catch up with it two or three times a week, and have introduced some of my paramedic friends to it too.FYI, I'm a volunteer ambulance officer here in NZ (we don't have the government funding to have a paid double crew on every frontline vehicle), and I work one shift a week in addition to my paid employment (which bears no resemblance to emergency services work!).

    Have a great night out!

  5. What time untill ? Not sure how early I can get off. Is it ok to sit on the periphery for a while trying to master the old nerves ?

  6. I'd been on some vacation, unable to reach this every time less unreal world for a while, so I missed most of what happened out there until today. First of all I want to tell you Tom, that I'm very sorry for what you wrote about your friend. Unfortunately I had a similar experience and must understand a bit of your feelings.In the other hand, I'm very happy to read you started a your own blogmet and very frustrated I couldn't be there, but London is a two and half hours flight from here besides my other half would kill me if I do it. Have a great night and don't forget YOU ALL to POST AND COMMENT.



  7. Hmmm…I might well be wearing my “404 /shirt/tie not found” T-shirt… If not I'll be the person typing away on a Pocket PC in the back of the pub nursing a weak pint of beer.

  8. Cheers mate.I suppose this means I'll have to come up and have a pint in your part of the world…

    You'd have to look after me though, anything outside the M25 does worry me a bit.

  9. | 404 /shirt/tie not found” T-shirtCool – I want one – is a there a female version? Twinset and pearls not found – er, what made me think of that?

    Rachel in SE7

  10. Cheers to you too matey.If you start coming up to having pints in every part of the world you'd be invited to, you'll have a problem! Anyway, if you still have this week off and pop around for a day or two, you'll be welcomed and will get your pint. I can offer something you would enjoy. You could met… err… confront a friend of mine to have a full visit to the Red Cross center here, get inside our big white taxis and so on. Why confront? He's the man in charge of education at Red Cross and didn't like what you wrote about the size of our ambulances… he told me to ask you to came check yourself. Later he admit LAS are bigger but then he stroke back saying our staff is better trained than yours… if you want to share his “mine d**k is bigger than yours” chat…?

    Ohh… and don't worry about the M25 thing, there are so many roads here I'm sure It won't be hard to find one for you that fit in this name.



  11. This sitehttp://www.professorharbottle.co.uk/pub/londoncity/bellbook.html

    says that this “large pub sprawls over two floors”.

    Rachel in SE7

  12. Great to hear of your blogmeet! I'd love to go, but I'm afraid that it's a little too far for me (a few hours away by plane). Office worker.

  13. Quazi-lurker here. I have extra classes late on Thursday at King's College, but I can pop out early and head over I will.

  14. The “Bell Book & Candle”. Ghastly haunted house and mad Frankenstein's laboratory theme, complete with the recorded moanings of lost souls, especiailly irritating, for some reason, in the bog, which is reached through a “hidden” door in a mock bookcase.Why they ever vandalised the “Olde London” in such a repulsive way, God alone knows. I hope it reverts to its former style soon.

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