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First off, thanks for all the suggestions on what to do with my time off, none of them were rude, and some of them I'll take up. I've replied to some of your comments over there – when I could think of something amusing to write in reply. Also thanks to those that sent private emails, I'll get around to replying to them as soon as I can.
This is post number two from the “your vote” post I ran a while ago…

We were (as ever) running to a call on the other side of our 'patch' when suddenly my crewmate told me to pull over and stop (I was driving). Wondered what had happened, he leapt out of the ambulance and I saw that he was heading towards a bus that I'd just overtaken. Leaning out of the window was the driver, blood gushing out of his nose looking very sorry for himself.

Apparently a car had pulled up to the drivers window, and accused him of cutting him up, the other driver had then said “I'm a bus driver as well”, and then punched the bus driver on the nose before driving off. We soon managed to stop the bleeding, and the bus managers came down to investigate, along with the police. Luckily our patient had managed to get the number plate of the man who had hit him, and I can only imagine that if what he said is true, there will soon be one out of work bus driver.

Violence against transport staff has gotten silly, did you know that they carry DNA swab kits for collecting DNA evidence from people who spit at them?

That same night we went to a youngster who had been hit by a car while trying to cross the areas busiest 'A' road (the notorious A13, the fourth most dangerous road in London). This youngster was wearing black trousers, black trainers and a black hoodie and baseball cap (hoodie pulled up), he was also black himself, the only thing that could have been more dangerous would have been if he was wearing sunglasses. Luckily he wasn't badly hurt, and as one of the police that attended commented, “Nice camouflage”.

Anyone remember “Be Safe, Be Seen“?

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  1. On a vaguely-related topic, my wife was helping out in our local school yesterday. A kid cut her hand on the kid-friendly scissors and there was a lot of blood. The LSA said that they weren't allowed to mop up the blood(!), and left it there all over the desk right next to all the other kids(! again). My wife mopped it up and got a bollocking as a result. Erm. What? How sane is that? Have the rulemongers finally taken over? Since when did “must not posess any common sense” become a requirement for working in schools.Mad.

  2. Pet peeve of mine is cyclists with no lights at night and in dark clothing. Mind you from the number of cars pulling out in front of me on a daily basis I would say lights + fluo jacket are still not enough for some drivers.BTW next time you pop in a tube station some of them have free cycling maps (TfL) for various area of London . Very handy.

  3. Yes, that's true about the free cycling maps at the tube stations! I had forgotten about them. There's one for each area of London, about 18 in total. You can also ask for them on the web I think (Transport for London or sth). You can also get a free one from Southwark in their website. But they are not as nice as the one I was talking about, which I think is from the London Cycling Campaign.I also forgot to say that Hackney and Walthamstow Marshes are a great place to cycle: loads and loads of green space and pubs along the canal – you can even go all the way up to Tottenham.

    Office worker.

  4. Strange school. I worked in a Boys Secondary school a couple of years ago and did a few stints in the medical room. Loads of blood, loads of sick. Trust me when I say nobody told us we were not supposed to clean it (if anything the mopping had to be done real quick to avoid people slipping and hurting themselves). We had to use basic precautions like wearing gloves when bodily fluids were involved and making sure it was all clean afterwards and loads (and I mean loads) of washing you hands.

  5. If you can't be seen, make sure you see everything yourself O_oI like dark clothing but I know no one can see me. I make sure I see everyone else before anything can happen .. I dont know if its a good idea but its lasted me so far hehe

    Hope the kid was OK?

    (And yea- cyclists with no lights are annoying!)

  6. It's sad – I've seen many a bus driver get spat at – and verbally as well as physically assaulted – so it doesn't surprise me. They are trained to not accept “verbal abuse” – and as a result many are very, very sensitive – e.g. I remember not long ago when some lady got on 79 bus and muttered something under her breath as she got on – something about how pissed off she was that the bus was late. The driver wanted her to get off “his bus” – and she wouldn't. So he got out of his perspex cabin and went back to confront her – with the aim of getting her off the bus. The standoff lasted several minutes – and all the other passengers were getting really annoyed – and some were even urging her to get off. But she didn't. So – driver goes back to cabin – and gets a thick wad of compensation forms – turns off engine, takes keys out of ignition and starts handing out the forms to everyone – after which he gets off the bus and goes home. The entire busload of passengers were dumbfounded – and obviously frustrated – and many started mobbing around and verbally abusing the lady who supposedly started it all.The moral of the story is don't mess with a bus driver – he's there to get you home.

    The moral of your story could be: don't mess with a bus driver.

  7. i am a bus driver here in los angeles and i say kudos to the driver who got off and went home. the job can be frustrating. i have never had the nerve to walk off the bus and leave it but each day i come closer and closer to doing it. first transit

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