Your Vote Counts

Other blogs do it, and because I have so many stories (hopefully good stories) saved up from last week, I'm going to have a little 'vote in'.
From the (cryptic?) article descriptions below, choose your favourite and leave a comment as to which one you would like to hear about first – I'll count up any/all votes to decide which entry to write next.

a) Bruised genitals in a 20 month child? More forms are needed.

b) How to nearly kill someone getting them out of their house.

c) Good press in the local paper (crew who are soft as soap).

d) Bored with the death of babies.

e) Bus on Bus action & Camouflage RTA.

f) Police check before hospital? & Baby in a bottle.

g) Please come to hospital.

I've just noticed…none of these are particularly life-affirming. Oh well, maybe I'll come across something nice tonight…

25 thoughts on “Your Vote Counts”

  1. I want to hear about some of that bus on bus action. Oh yeah baby. I'll be your conductor…I'll get me coat.

    Nick the Lemming

  2. As much as I enjoy reading this blog, I can't say I'm impressed with this idea… definitely more tabloid than tasteful :/

  3. C)Because I live in Newham and cannot beleive that the local press have actually printed anything that resembles good news.

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