4 thoughts on “A Policeman’s Lot…”

  1. Hello. I've been reading your blog via the livejournal RSS feed for a while now and you may be interested in mine. I am a new recruit to Central Ambulance Control and when I grow up learn to drive (I am twenty-seven and therefore theoretically already grown up) I want to go out on the road just like you. My livejournal is at http://www.livejournal.com/~teqkiller but all of the interesting stuff is “friends-only” for reasons which will become apparent if you read them. I am not sure if a RSS account works for the purpose of logging in and reading friends-only entries so prod me if it doesn't :-)Suzi, trainee EMD

  2. I went over and read the policeman's blog. I think you write far better. Reminds me of a Woody Allen movie “Bullets Over Broadway”, where the gangster ends up writing a gripping play in a way the eloquent intellectual playwright was unable to. It's a gift, so stop putting down your writing (if that makes sense) and just write. The office worker.

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