This isn't my normal post, I tend not to do the 'Linklog' thing, but The Evening Standard has a number of recent articles about alcohol and how it affects Ambulance staff.
In this article they give a basic run down of the problem, including the statistics that out of 62 calls, 40 were alcohol related. This ties up with my own experiences.

In the second article they describe how an EMT has had to come off the road because of the amount of abuse they have been getting.

And finally this article describes a plan to identify pubs and clubs that let their customers get too drunk. It costs us around £18.6 million pounds to deal with drunks each year, perhaps getting some money back would be a good idea.

Normal non-linky post tomorrow/later today.

2 thoughts on “Drunk?”

  1. In Australia there are big fines for pubs who allow clients to get too drunk – up to $5000. Also, if you're asked to leave and you refuse, you personally can be fined $500.

  2. We live in a country that thinks to be 'tipsy' is funny and OK. The big alcohol companies and breweries have great power, and parts of the media seem to think that excessive drinking is normal. The result: untold misery not only for those who get drunk but for all who know them.

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