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Lots of people want to know what happened to the lady in my previous post, so tonight I spoke to the nurse who was looking after her.
The patient continued to be unable to talk, although (perhaps sadly) she could understand everything that was happening to her, and around her. She was also unable to use the entire right side of her body. It seems that the stroke was caused by an infarct (or clot) in her brain, and not the more life-threatening cerebral bleed. She went to one of the better wards in the hospital after spending some time in the resus room, during which her husband constantly stayed by her bedside. The nurses looking after the pair of them felt a lot of sympathy towards them, and I think they all fell a little in love with the husband.

I mention that the nurses looked after the pair of them, because that is what good nurses do, they look after everyone affected by the illness

Sometime later today or tomorrow she will have a CT scan of her brain to determine the extent of any infarct, and then she will start the long road to a hopeful recovery.

I used to work in a medical ward, and we would have a lot of stroke patients. Unfortunately there is no magical medical treatment for a stroke once it has taken place – instead it is a long gruelling slog through physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. It can take months to recover some function, and for many they do not recover at all. They remain chair, or bed bound – and are discharged into a nursing/care home until they succumb to an infection that kills them.

Unfortunately, given the type and strength of the stroke this lady has had I would not hold much hope for a recovery. Miracles do sometimes happen, and I suspect that this entire woman's family will be praying for such a miracle.

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  1. I agree, I have seen families break up over this too – the first time was when I was 17 and my friends Dad had a break down and his wife left him. I was so angry with her (and still am another 17 years later) and maybe that's why when it became obvious that my husband was suffering from Schizophrenia after only 4 1/2 years of marriage (and after 2 1/2 years of severe depression) I was determined to stay with him. One nurse even told me that I would start to resent him, and that only made me more determined to prove her wrong. And one doctor even told me to leave him if I want children (which I do, but it won't be possible now) I'm not saying that it's been easy, but marriage is for life right? And why would you stop loving a person just because they're ill? Ok, it's hard living with him sometimes, but it would be harder to live without him. We'll be celebrating our 9th anniversary this year.

  2. Ouch… that is a damn sad story. If you are able to keep in touch with what happens to the couple then please let us know. It has set up my day on a real downer… but this is life.You tell it so harrowingly well !

  3. From what you've observed, do you think there are many people out there who when their partner is damaged by illness still see the person they fell in love with rather than what is left of them ?

  4. Being an ancient layman meself: I believe, half the battle in overcoming hurdles of life, is in the people that surround one and and deep rooted will to live. Medicine is care, not pills , pills help but the inner mind needs all the bio-feedback. One person I knew [passed tense,becauses I am not in touch, He now resides back in his own counrty.] Had a massive stroke, Driving , cops took him for drunk, not checking,the hospital sent him to a home for his last days after a few days, No therapy, tube in stomach and gave wife the minimum of hope. Fortunately his family rescued him and took him home for family care and Doctor [ foreign to USA]. At his home, he is eating, seeing, he had the tube removed and started therapy and brain washing [Pos thinking], got back most of the speech and some mobility, appears to be on the road to recouvery at the last contact I had. dung beetle Good luck to the Pair, I only have another 3 yrs to the magic 50. had my share of scares.

  5. Sometimes…It seems to be something the older generation are better at than us 'youngsters'. They will often stand by the person they have chosen to live their lives with. I think they just take marriage vows more seriously than the rest of us.

    I've seen a couple of families which have broken up over mental or physical illness – yet our care teams are supposed to be better (more holistically) trained. I've seen plenty of people break up when a partner starts suffering from depression…

  6. It's very true that a positive attitude is perhaps one of the most important aspect of any recovery – and it is the thing that annoys me, when you see young people who are normally fit and well crying up a storm because they have a touch of diarrhoea.Believing that you can recover from something, 'fighting' it is the biggest thing that you can do – follow that closely with understanding, and having a choice in treatment.

    It's something I should post about…

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