FRU Crash

Another FRU (Fast Response Unit) has crashed, luckily no-one was injured, at least in part due to the FRU driver not being a 'boy racer'. The FRU was on it's way to (yet another) category 'A' call, when it crossed a 'T' junction against the lights. The flashing lights and sirens obviously meant nothing to the driver who pulled out in front of the FRU. A reasonable amount of damage was done to both vehicles, but there were no serious injuries.
Interestingly, when the police started up the other car, “Drum 'n' Bass” pounded out of the stereo entertaining the whole street. Maybe this is why the driver didn't hear the sirens of the FRU?

The main problem with the FRU is that because it is small, sleek and very fast, people tend not to see it coming. Also unlike an ambulance (where you sit fairly high up), you don't have brilliant vision of the road ahead.

Ambulaances tend to have little 'bangs' when reversing, FRU cars tend to make a bit of a mess. It helps that it takes a real effort to get over 40mph in an ambulance.

One day they'll let me loose on an FRU car – Then I'll see if I can cure more people than I run over…

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  1. Pictures? We Americans (where Ambulance service is very different) would love to see pictures of your vehicles.Love the blog!

  2. Am I correct in assuming that the other driver is always at fault when colliding with an emergency service vehicle while its lights and siren are on?Here in the States I'm sure someone would argue their innocence (based on the vehicle's drawbacks you mentioned) and probably get away with it…

  3. Well…Our rules state that we can class Red lights at junctions as “Give way”, so technically our man was at fault…

    But I don't think the police will be prosecuting our man, but they do have that option – I'm sure if someone had died our fella would be in a whole heap of trouble.

  4. to awnser my own question I poked around on the LAS site and found a partial pic (drivers side door only) of what looked like some kind of police sedan done up in green and yellow. I assume this is an FRU

  5. Here in La La land, we have some new fangled dangled red light changer on each set of lights, that change on activation by an emergency vehicle. It appears to work[most of the time?], because the traffic is held, vacating and giving green [GO] to the said hurry up vehicle. Tho some vehicles, do not yet comprehend, and they start the failed red light routine, not seeing the gala of lights or hearing the hells chorus, their own light and sound system is at Fool Blast+ [Tad hi may be but some do not have 'ears]. Any rumours that you will try out the system, of course the Mall and Q's BP will get it first for the busby mob. dung beetle.

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