No IRC (Downsides Of Shift Work #3214 and #3215)

The thing I like least about doing seven 18:00-01:00 shifts is that I start losing touch with friends, at least in part due to no-one being on IRC when I'm at home.
Then there is the cycling home at 01:30, where I would be really tired and ready for bed before leaving work, the cycle home wakes me up. Not good when you want to go straight to bed so you can get up early in the morning.

Still, what other job lets you deal with calls similar to those I had tonight – An RTA at less than 10 mph, with very minor cosmetic damage to the car; and yet the driver is clutching his neck as if it is about to fall off…

At least the lazy git I was working with wasn't any trouble, he didn't decide to run off and hide so I couldn't call up ready. So I suppose you could call it a good night. I might be working with him tomorrow…

So 'Good Night' to you all

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