Another Shooting

It looks like the Tamils are at it again, a Sri Lankan was shot in the throat while driving on the A13. The bullet lodged in his throat, but it looks like he is going to be alright.
What this probably means for the rest of us however, is that the Sri Lankans will spend the next couple of nights chopping each other up with knives, machetes and swords.

The last time they decided to get violent on each other I attended a multiple assault, and looked after a chap who had gotten his knee opened up by a sword – this was after driving along a road full of cars with smashed windscreens. I would imagine that some police leave will be cancelled tomorrow, and certain areas of Newham will be watched very closely.

This also means that there is someone roaming around Newham with a gun, and they are not afraid to use it.

Deep Joy.

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