Power To The People

I've mentioned before (ad nauseum) that we need to reach 75% of Emergency “Cat 'A'” calls within eight minutes.
A new Station officer moved into ********* station (they know who they are…) – He told them in his opening speech, that he didn't think that any of them were special, that there would be no 'family friendly' rotas, that there would be no 'special leave' (which is leave you get on short notice if, for example your house floods, or your child gets ill and you can't get a carer) and he told them that if they didn't like it, they should go to work on a building site.

The amount of patients reached in those magic eight minutes went from 75% of all calls to 17%.

The crews weren't on a go slow, they still got there in the same amount of time, they still looked after the patients to the best of their ability – just that they recorded on their paperwork that every time took nine minutes. (The 17% would be the calls that legally need accurate time-keeping, like cardiac arrests, police jobs and the like.

New Station officer got called up in front of the bosses, and has now been moved to an office job, far away from the station in question.

It is so much more civilised than going on strike.

9 thoughts on “Power To The People”

  1. That's too cool…but I'm surprised that the times are bound by law to be correct for every report…I would guess that in the US anybody found to be altering times for ANY type of call would be in deep trouble.

  2. 17% real emergencies! Wow…what quality work you have there. Excellent tactics re SO and obviously some poor HR practices in placing this person in this position in the first place. I am surprised though that the time data isn't captured from the CAD (comms). Seems very time consuming when a decent CAD spits out relevant times in a jiffy. Or do you not have “located” buttons?

  3. Well! well! a paint it or salute type, it must be one of the exed out of Royal sand box. Did 'ee come with 'is little old cane and a twiddled mustasche, twirled like and by any chance was not over 1.5 meters with two busbies on?. Office job eh! knot a House of Office, better known as a private[privy] residence.Good luck. so glad, i'm procrastinating, dung beetle.

  4. The times have just started to be captured from the CAD system, until now we have had to press a button to show us 'On Scene'.I think the reason that they have only just started bringing in automatic timing is to sneak it past the unions. Management have promised that the times will only be used where there might be complaints, or when they think they have trouble with a particular crew.

    And as I mention in my next post – if someone is being lazy, they are stitching up their workmates.

  5. Ah yes, fond memories of lunatics in authority.I recall back in the day, when I was alot younger and quite a bit more stupid. Arriving in Kenya for supporting an Infantry exercise, with a to remain nameless Infantry battalion. After de-busing. A good ole Army term for getting of the plane. We were informed by a rather gruff looking, stongly Glaswegian spoken Regimental Sergeant Major. That as far as he was concerned, that we, the Royal Signals, Loggies & Medics attached for the exercise, were nothing but a pile of poop (He was alot more explicit). We were, “in the poop” as far as he was concerned. That he was going to “teach us poop” how to be real Soldiers. That he didn't like “poop part timers” being on his exercises. For those who don't know. It's a real insult to a Regular Army Soldier to imply, or infere, that they are a member of the TA. The next six weeks, as you may imagine was a real blast. I had never seen, nor have seen since, a regiment with such low moral and poor retention of it's junior soldiers. All at the hands of this “one” tosspot. So as the story goes. This guy, I was realiably informed, some years later. After spending nearly 20 years of his Army career bullying, brow beating & bashing junior ranks. Got his commision, and was promoted to be the Regimental Families Officer. The guy you have to go and see if your marriage is failing.

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