First Day Back

My first day back after my holiday, and the Resource Centre thought that I was still on leave – Oh well…never mind. I decided to stay on and work though, partly because the manning at the moment is awful. We are missing three ambulances today, and about five tomorrow – I dread to think what it will be like on Sunday. This time it is due to an actual lack of staff rather than the lack of vehicles as recently reported.
I checked my mail slot to find out that the coroner is investigating the death of the young diabetic that I attended to some time ago (and wrote about here). Essentailly I have to write a statement about what happened, including the traffic situation and access to the house (both of which influenced the job to a major degree). Rather thankfully at the bottom of the request letter is the note “No complaint has been made”. I might end up having to give my statement in Coroners Court, and given the problems we had with this job, I may well end up being asked questions by the coroner themselves. I'm not too worried as I can justify everything I did on that job.

On a lighter not, the first job of the day was one of our regular drunks, who was discovered laying in the street by two police officers. As they can't take people who are 'properly' drunk into custody anymore, we end up getting called to them. It was so lovely to return to work and have this smelly, incontinent drunk welcome me back.

(Sarcasm? Moi?)

Currently I'm sitting on station awaitng yet another chance to save a life…

One thought on “First Day Back”

  1. Simply bloody marvelous, cannae keep track of who is on first, whats on second or is whom, Ye did say ye had wax tablets to sign in with. Must be the summer heat. I hope they keep better tabs on the deductions for being late on ye old penny farthing. Do they put a wrist name tag on ye, with your corpusles count, do you need a dog tag too? Oh! well things have not change since the Pay master general ask for his money back after my going to Korea, and could not find an X on rite Pusan entry form. SNAFU still means the same whether ye use papyrus or Computor [now GIGO]. just a thought from one that is spending the next 30 years procrastinating, waiting for tele G[no Email] from Buck Pal. Dung Beetle.

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