Still Here

After much swearing and rebooting, I have managed to get my laptop talking to my mobile and finally I have GRPS running (although for how long I do not know). I'm back from Mallorca late on Monday and so can restart my normal posting schedual. I also note that I've missed my third appearance on TV (from the 'Tube Run') the first being me waving at the camera during a Reading festival and the second being me opening a door into the back of a doctor during BBC's 'Trauma' series (they wisely only showed me from below my waist).
If anyone has a tape I'd appreciate a copy…

Although the holiday has been fun, I'm afraid I'm a Londoner born and bred and am dying to get back home. But at least I've had the time to finish Neal Stephenson's 'The Confusion', to slaughter ants in their thousands as they try to get to my cream cakes, and to sit on my arse doing nothing. (The first person to say “no change there then” gets a wallop on the nose).

Central Europe Time is a funny place to be – at least for someone so stuck on London as myself.

Ta-ta til Monday.

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