Ever Been Had?

So I cycle into work today to find out that (possibly due to a mistake at their end) my annual leave starts today. One cup of tea later and I cycle home. I'm not unhappy because not only have I cycled a round trip of nine miles, but I have the whole day in front of me. That and it feels like I'm playing truant.
On Monday I fly out to Mallorca, to spend a week in the sun relaxing by the pool. I'm taking my laptop with me, partly because I'm envious of Cory Doctorow's travel-sticker covered laptop, and partly because I want to do a bit of writing on various projects done. Also going with me are a couple of books, including the 'needs a suitcase all to itself' Confusion by Neal Stephenson – a book I'm so looking forward to reading I bought in in e-book and 'dead tree' versions. Also travelling with me will be some episodes of TV programmes *cough* downloaded, otherwise I'd miss out on the next episodes of The West Wing and Alias.

I'll try and post when I get there, this is dependant on whether I consider £10 a MB too much for my GPRS, or more likely – if I can find an internet café. I suspect the café will be a fairly safe bet, so if my next post has lot's of squiggles above the letters it's because I'm using a foreign keyboard.

If you send me an email, I'll probably only be able to reply when I get back, and then only if I don't over enthusiastically delete your mail while pruning the hordes of spam I'll no doubt have.

Right, I'm off to count my Diazepam for the flight out – take care y'all.

3 thoughts on “Ever Been Had?”

  1. dangit, I've already downloaded and watched every episode of West Wing they've made. Deprivation is setting in.

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