Making Excuses

It's the day after the Tube Run, and my lower body is one quivering mass of pain. If I sit down for longer than five minutes I get stuck in position and need to spend another five minutes warming up to start walking again.
So I decide to go for a bike ride, maybe that'll soften the old muscles a bit. It's a nice day, and I need to head into East Ham to pick up some contact lenses. So off I ride, I collect the lenses and then start making excuses to keep riding. Shall I go over to the industrial park to see if there is anywhere to tether my bike when I visit PC World? Shall I haul myself over to Gallions Reach to check that my Orange phone will work in Spain? Or shall I go to Asda for some treats to eat while watching the telly tonight?

So I do all three…

When I get to Asda I notice a lot of emergency services in the car park – taking a professional interest I wander over there, only so see a Newham ambulance crew showing off their shiny yellow ambulance and allowing loads of children to crawl all over it. Apparently it's a 'Meet the emergency services' fête, and the Paraffin Parrot is going to be landing soon. Obviously it's an easy day, so I grab some water for the lads and wait around for HEMS to arrive, as when they arrive on a job, I'm normally too busy to take a photo of it.

Apologies for the poor quality, but as I was cycling I only had my mobile phone with me.

Parrot One Landing

This is HEMS landing

Parrot One Landing on top of Trumpton One

Just about to settle down, the Fire Truck in front of it makes it look tiny.


Just before the policeman just out of shot told me to move on, here is HEMS in it's “resting” state.

Incidentally I asked the policeman who was telling me to 'shoo' if they still marked your postcode on your bike…and he didn't know. Considering he is a 'community support officer' I find that a little worrying – it's like me not knowing what to do if someone cuts their finger.

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