First off – I'm bleedin' knackered, running around the tube is surprisingly hard work, that and the rather high temperatures made the day hard, but very enjoyable.
There were a couple of teams running, I teamed up with Ewan as both our planned partners were unable to come. The plan was to use the few overground areas to send updates to my blog, but there simply wasn't the time. When we weren't on trains, preparing for our next run, we were chasing each other through the stations, down streets and across busy roads.

Running from platform to platform our biggest enemies were other people – the more crowded stations slowed us down as people insisted on being two-breast on escalators, or decided to push their baby strollers out in front of the knacked looking man and his friend in a kilt. So it was a bit like driving at work.

Our route was thought up by Ewan, who to give him full credit, didn't laugh when I told him my idea of a route. I had thought that running between stations would be easy – I hadn't counted on our general levels of unfitness. Given that we were against a bloke who was a master of the sprint and someone who had run marathons I didn't hold much hope for our chances.

Mike, a BBC cameraman followed us for part of the way – so if you tune into BBC local news next week and see a 90 second spot with Ewan in a kilt, and myself in a “404 /shirt/tie not found” shirt, well – we worked hard for our shot at fame. There may be further links to extended videos later.

We had some good luck with our transfers – there was nothing better than running to a station to see the exact train that we wanted pulling into the station. But it was counterbalanced by the occasional despair of getting to the platform 10 seconds too late, regardless of how many 'no entry' signs we ignored, or how fast we ran.

Our time was 2 hours, 55 minutes and 39 seconds, the winner (git) came in at 49 seconds faster – beating us into second place, although we did have pride at beating the lads who hold the speed record for the whole tube system.

It was fun, although I often questioned the wisdom of doing it while wheezing my way between stations, but I can now say (with some nerdish pride) that I have at least visited every Zone One station – and not many Londoners can say that.

Just, for the love of all that's holy, let us not make it an annual thing…

5 thoughts on “Frazzled”

  1. Ok, so you're on for next year then! 😉 Although let's not make it a day when the temperature is soaring to over 34C on the tube, eh?Oh… wait… you said 'not'? Damn.

  2. I agree with Suw that maybe doing this in the hot summer months is not the best of ideas!However I believe that this kind of thing could and should be an annual event. With the more teams the better! Spread the word!

    It was an achievement that many of us beat Geoff (nothing personal)!

    Our time was 3:02:49, and what were the chances of us and another team (or person) having exaclty the same plans!? Ask Peter! LOL.

    Well guys it was fun (though slightly exhausting).

    It should, and will be done again! 🙂


  3. Oh I guess the pain will have passed and I'll give it another go next year……but don't hold me to it…

  4. Hot is bad, but then again is there a 'good' time to do that sort of thing?A couple of people were wondering if there would be two teams with the same route, and it looks like at least in your case, that great minds work alike.

    I'm sitting here thinking about how we could reduce our time next year – I'm thinking already about ditching the backpack, and having a 'dry run' so I can work out not only which carriage to be on, but also which exits at the station to take…

    Plus with my new cycling fad, I might be able to run for more than 50m before collapsing in a sweaty puddle.

    And maybe I'll 'borrow' a blue light from work to get people out the way, although it doesn't seem to work on the streets.

    Does that make me a geek?

  5. Both you and Geoff mention that you came second.Are you going to let us into the secret of who came first? Can't find his name anywhere!!! Bet he's not a git really,you're just pissed off cos it wasn't your team! LOL

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