Running The Underground

So In a few minutes I'm off to race around Zone 1 of the London Underground with Ewan, partly because he is leaving London soon, and partly because it seems like a giggle.
Given my new found internet mobility (in other words I don't have to balance my Pocket PC and Smartphone on my knee trying to line up two IR ports), I shall be attempting to post updates throughout the day. This of course is dependant on when we 'come up for air' as I don't think that GPRS coverage is great underground.

You may also be able to follow us on the BBC as a BBC news cameraman will be following us around for at least part of the day.

I spent hours working on a route, and then when I spoke with Ewan last night, he showed me a route of beautiful simplicity which involves a lot less running around than mine.

So I'm sticking close to him.

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