Road Warrior

I've just gotten a CF Bluetooth card for my Pocket PC. Couple this with my Smartphone (and camera) and you have a more mobile ambulance blogger.Now watch me pick up nothing but dross today…
Our first, and so far only job was transporting a psychiatric patient from their ward to a Court appearance in a very nice, green and sunny part of London. We turned up at 8:30 and were told the patient wouldn't be ready until 9:00 – so we had time to get a nice fry-up breakfast.
Told you I couldn't give up junk food.

5 thoughts on “Road Warrior”

  1. Tom, Now you can blujack! This is where you use the bluetooth function on your pocketpc to communicate with other devices. This as far as I know bypasses your sim card as its neither a call or a text. However, it only works I believe within a 10 or so meter radius. This is the site for blujack faqs.

  2. Why would I want to do that – if they are 10m away either they will try to hit me, or I could just step over and say hello…

  3. Its to do with the element of surprise if nothing else, and depending how they react you can leave well alone or then go over and say hello.

  4. Why have a pocketpc and a phone? I've got a Treo 600 with which I reckon I could do everything those two devices do :)It's what I'm posting from now as well 😉

  5. Because I like my Pocket PC, which I got before my phone, and I like the E200 which I got later. That and my Axim is kinda cuddly…

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