Perfect Timing

Blogware (the people who run the software that I use to Blog) apparently went down this morning, all Blogware powered sites seemed to be unavailable. This is the first time that I've ever known them to have a problem, and I believe they fixed it fairly quickly.
However the problem struck with particularly bad timing, not only did fellow Blogware user Suw Charman get her excellent piece published in the Guardian; but it is also my Blogging birthday.

I only started blogging one year ago, and in that time (from my first, rather predictable post about Spam) through my 'HIV crisis' to my own little mention in the Guardian, I think my writing has improved (or at least, it hasn't gotten any worse). I've also had contact from literary agents,made a load of new friends – both online, and those who I've met in 'real life' (and I'd like to change some of the former into the latter). I've even 'inspired' someone to take up blogging for themselves. Throughout the year I've thoroughly enjoyed writing about the ambulance service (with little side-steps into other things that I have found interesting).

I've also joined several other bloggers on the rather excellent Lingual Nerve medical website, so some of my writing will appear there.

And I've just found out (via Diamond Geezer) that I'm mentioned in an academic paper at a conference at London University. Much more of this and my ego will be so large I won't be able to fit through my living room door.

Right, I think that is enough bragging; time to get on to the next years worth of writing.

Take care all.

12 thoughts on “Perfect Timing”

  1. And in a perfect case of timing, you have been reinstated as number one result for womble porn.And no, there's nothing remotely worrying about both of my posts to your blog concerning themselves with womble porn.

    Nick the Lemming

  2. Congratulations on all the attention, as it is well deserved. You write very well and you blog is always interesting to read.

  3. Don't take any offense, but I've been reading your blog only after The Guardian online published your interview. I used to read this paper in order to practice my english (I'm a spaniard) and now YOU doubled the number of websites I read online… and not only to improve my knowledge on the language. :)Thanks for your writtings, they made me (all of us I guess) think a lot.



  4. Happy Bloggiversary. I cheerfully and safely chug a pint in commemoration. Mmmm. Maybe of Guinness.-Madperc

  5. happy birthday! Like Willy, I found you only after the Guardian piece, but enjoy starting my day with you. patricia in texas

  6. Congratulations! Happy first blogiversary. And of course, well done on all that kudos coming your way – very well deserved!

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