Firefighters Tragedy

Two London Firefighters have died in Bethnal Green, the LFB have an excellent safety record with the last death in their service being in 1993. Although we often jokingly moan at the Fire Service we are also aware that they choose to run into burning buildings, and it takes a certain kind of person to do that.
I would imagine that every LAS in East London is wondering if they had worked with those two men, on a fire call, or an RTA extrication.

My thoughts go out to those affected, their family, friends and workmates.

The Big White Taxi Service website (the very unofficial LAS website) is having a collection for them.

We are collectiing funds to go towards helping the victims of the E2 fire in which 2 Whitechapel Fire-Fighters were killed today.

You can donate via:

Paypal, (


personal cheque, cash or postal orders. (we have a PO Box)

Please mail us for any further info.

Thank You

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  1. Your writing and your energy, commitment and appropriate frustration impress me very much.In the late sixties, I found a book in Barnet Libraries called: “A Bell on my Fender” about working in the ambulance service. That helped influence me towards social work… I'd refer you (back) to an item in The Guardian today about Bob Holman: <"Nearly 30 years ago, Bob Holman gave up his post as a professor to live and work on a council estate and to campaign on the residents'

    behalf. Erlend Clouston meets him.”>

    I found his story inspiring, and wonder if it speaks to you also. With good wishes, repect & appreciation for your service.

    david bier.,7890,1265297,00.html

  2. Born in Bow, moved to Dagenham when I was a bit older – So I've lived down the road from Newham for quite a while. Now I just live on the 'right' side of the A406, in sunny Barking. Spent some time in Enfield when I was nursing (which was much nicer, but also more expensive than where I'm living now).

  3. hi there.this is a fairly unrelated post but i was wondering if you could pass on a few details of the book you mentioned; “a bell on my fender”. I am looking for this book as a gift for my grandfather but my search is proving unproductive. Might you have the name of the author and/or (ideally) an ISBN number?

    A long shot, I know, but I would appreciate any help you might give.

    My email address is

    Thanks for your time,


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