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My brother is sometimes very nice to me, a case in point being last night – some time ago he'd bought us both tickets to see Lemon Jelly at Somerset house as part of the Radio 6 music festival.
Somerset house is an open air venue, so the biggest worry is the weather, despite the Jelly's set including the track “Nice Weather For Ducks” the rain stayed away.

However I think even if it had rained it wouldn't have put a dampener on the mood of the crowd, many of which had brought their own toy/rubber/inflatable ducks, although the venue seemed to be home for to a number of very real seagulls. Before Lemon Jelly came out, we had Phil Jupitus (with lovely assistant Darth Maul) with the “Lemon Jelly, Play Your Cards Right” game. Some poor German girl was pulled up on the stage where she managed to 'win' us all free CDs at the end of the night.

But then came Nick and Fred, better known as Lemon Jelly – both seemed to have great fun playing various instruments, rushing between various station tweaking and arranging their mostly electronic set. Nick in particular had a beaming smile throughout the concert, one that I think was matched by the crowd. Two of the songs they played were a lot darker than their earlier material – reminiscent of Moby when he 'rocks out'. The light show from the stage was especially dazzling and sound quality was great. The crowd were relaxed (and judging from the smell, this may have been due to some 'herbal cigarettes') and at one point during the evening a small woman thrust a bubble blower into my hands so I could blow bubbles over the rest of the crowd.

Special crowd pleasers were an up-tempo “Rambling Man” and the similarly jazzed up “Staunton Lick” – both had the crowd, and myself jumping into the air.

An excellent night, with a free CD at the end of it, and the promise of a new album.

Cheers brother.

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  1. Yes, their enthusiasm was infectious to say the least – the venue was really good, it seemed perfect to be surrounded by the Inland Revenue while this slightly left-field music was being played to us.

  2. Moving away is good, but hitting him over the head with something hard might have earned you good karma (from the crowd at least).

  3. Well, since you're all happy and stuff, I think this is the best time to break some bad news to you. When I was at work yesterday, I thought I'd have a look to see if you'd updated, and, not being able to remember things like URLS (ou should see me with phone bumbers…), I googled Womble Porn. To find that someone had usurped your number one position.Truly, it is a sad day.

    Nick the Lemming, lurker.

  4. Dammit. I loved the last Lemon Jelly gig I went to, but didn't have the faintest idea that they were playing again (and I imagine Somerset House would be an unusual but fantastic venue).I think the magic of LJ concerts is that the guys playing are obviously having so much fun that they lift the spirits of everyone there, even without the greatly uplifting tracks.

  5. Went to see Belle & Sebastian in the same venue on Saturday – also blessed by good weather.Fantastic evening – slightly marred by all the people who are more interested in yakking than listening to the band. This included a guy who declared that the gig was just the best present he could imagine and then proceeded to talk very loudly over the whole thing (well – at least till I moved out of earshot anyway).

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