Not Happy

Apologies in advance – this is a moan with perhaps no redeeming qualities…
My regular crewmate took today off (he doesn't like working Sundays – and tends to book annual leave to avoid working them). So I was single, until Control sent me to team up with someone in Camden. I'd never worked out of Camden station before, and was pleasantly surprised by how nice everyone was, including the person I was working with, and in the general state of the station.

The work was fairly easy, instead of Asians, I treated Jews, and instead of Newham hospital we took them to the Royal Free hospital. Nothing particularly out of the ordinary to deal with, the same basic stuff of people falling over, and diabetics having a low blood sugar.

What annoyed me however were the people around Camden – They were young, good looking and dressed well enjoying the fresh air by eating at any number of very nice looking restaurants. They all looked successful, happy and generally clean, and I would imagine some of them were on their way to hear a band play in a lively, yet friendly pub. I know all this, I used to work at the Whittington Hospital, which isn't that far from Camden – and the social life of the nurses there was excellent.

Unfortunately I had to return to Newham.

Back to the dull, dirty area, full of dull, dirty people, doing dull (and probably dirty) things. Newham, where the tourist attraction is a statue of some footballers, and the restaurants are greasy kebab shops. Where everyone dresses the same (Hijab, Burkha or the male equivalent) and the pubs are places to meet to see how drunk you can get before having a fight. Where 'street culture' is graffiti tags by youths in hoodies and baseball caps, and the entertainment at night is avoiding getting stabbed.

So, yes, I am a bit depressed – I wonder how different my life would be if I lived in Camden, rather than the rat-hole I live in at the moment. Would I have met the woman of my dreams? Would I be writing about the latest new band? Would I be a regular in a friendly well lit pub? Would I feel 'younger' than I do at the moment?

I know I can't afford to live there, but I can dream can't I?

I'm off to eat some ice-cream now…gotta love comfort food.

Cheerier post tomorrow, I promise

11 thoughts on “Not Happy”

  1. I don't believe any part of London is as hellish as all that – it just looks rotten to an outsider looking in.I'm quite prepared to believe the sophisticated people of Camden – just like the people in the adverts – are no more happy or fulfilled than the rest of us, and have equally empty, tedious lives (present company excepted!).

    Who cares what they look like, and why should that make other people feel bad?

    PS. First post!

  2. hey, i used to work at the whittington too!er. well. cheer up. it could be worse. you could be in essex. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Hi Reynolds,I empathize with you there — though I won't go into my own story right now. The “what if” is a haunting thought, one that often keeps me awake at night.

    It's dawn now in your part of the world — I hope that the new day has you a bit more cheery.

  4. In refrence to feeling bad about working someplace so uncool as working class London. Two words: “North Dakota”. The most popular branch of military service there is the navy. Primarily because the place is about a thousand kilometers from an ocean in any dirrection. Anyone use the phrase “book learning” (as to differentiate from “real” learning) at you lately?feeling things are drab? try this little gem: Moldova

    Buck up there. The very worst parts of london are so much better than the better parts of a lot of other places.

    Also these girl things? They're rumored to be more or less the same no matter which part of london you are in. (requisite number of arms and legs, prefrence for eye contact in conversation, etc..) Outside of London just remember: No matter how cute they are, never NEVER deep kiss a girl that dips tobacco. Never.

  5. I operate in similar circumstances – live in East London, work in East London. (Used to be – live in East London, work in Brent so things are improving!).Like you I find it pretty depressing at times for much the same reasons.

    My positive is that I am only twenty minutes tube ride from the centre of town and all the possibilities that offers.

    For now I would rather be clinging on in London than rotting somewhere else. It is not as though I could afford to live any of the other places I fancy anyway!

  6. Just bear in mind the size of these peoples mortgage repayments and the stress and tedium of the careers they have to maintain to keep up those payments. Been there, done it in a small way…. tho I didn't live in Camden, I lived slightly further out but the lifestyle was similar. It isn't worth it , those people have are no happier than the rest of us.I made my escape to the middle of nowhere in Scotland but that maybe a bit extreme! :o)

    I'm sorry, I don't know if this comment will even appear, will try the reader account thing later.

    I love your blog and I hope you don't mind but I linked to you a while back.


  7. If it'd make you feel better, I'm quite happy to take you round all the shit bits of Camden and point them out… ๐Ÿ˜‰

  8. hey, I feel your pain. I used to think one could be happy anywhere, that contentment came from inside. That was before I moved to Killeen, Texas, home of the world's largest military installation and many, many chain restaurants and tattoo parlors and pawnshops, and yes, the attitude that North Dakota mentioned below. Stay grouchy, it helps.

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