The Only Time I’ll Mention Religion…

…because it is more trouble than it's worth.
An exceptionally good article over at Black Triangle, I was going to comment on the Plans to make 'inciting religious hatred a crime', but this is so much better than anything I could write.

It also confuses me – If you believe in *insert almost certainly fictional, all-powerful entity here* and that entity tells you that all other religions are wrong, then isn't it a tenet of most faiths to speak up against 'false' Gods and unbelievers. Couldn't this be construed as inciting religious hatred?

For me the Christian God exists only in so much as it makes the shops shut early on Sundays and I get extra money for working on Christmas.

(Given our multicultural/multi religious society, shouldn't I get extra money for working on Eid, Guru Nanak's birthday and Purim? Or should I get nothing extra because I'm a godless heathen?)

8 thoughts on “The Only Time I’ll Mention Religion…”

  1. A new reader here. Just read all the archives. And the primary question on my mind is : you mention you're single dozens of times, and presumably lonely. Do you try to do anything about it? I don't know how hard the dating situation is in England, or whether a dashing but poor medic has good prospects…but are you even looking? How goes the hunt for a soulmate, or just a one night stand?

  2. Not sure what that last comment had to do with religion. Anyhoo… I just thought I'd add my two cents into the mix. I agree with what you say, have you considered being a Jedi, considering enough people put it on the last Census forms to get it classed as a religion. You could take your light sabre with you on calls and “use the force” to get people from the top floor of a block of flats to the bottom without injury… I'm trying to be funny here and possibly falling flat on my butt.

  3. Not any crazier than standard organized religions, and you have to admit The Force is a good bit cooler an invisible entity to have 'faith' in. Unlike a vengeful, judgemental God “The Force” serves both sides fairly evenly and lets believers in it use it how they please whenever they want, while alive, instead of doling out miracles stingily. If you want the use the Force to get your remote from the dresser, you can. And even if you're evil, quick redemption and showing up after death is possible, such that the living can see the dead. (evidently, redemption even after killing billions is possible in just an hour's work). I'd believe in the Force any day.The question was posted here because it's the latest topic, and you never mention your personal life so there is no good time to bring it up.

  4. Short answer? Shift Work, Funny Hours, Strange Sense Of Humour.I'm looking, but just not very hard. I'm not particularly lonely either…

    Long Answer? I'll do a post on it in the near future.

  5. Emchi, you are funny, made me laugh at least.I'd love to be a Jedi… Specifically for the chopping annoying people in half (I don't have to resucitate people cut in half), and for the Jedi Mind Trick of telling people to 'Bugger Off And Don't Bother Me' and they actually do it…

    In a (possibly) interesting sidenote, I've been reading up on Neuro Linguistic Programming, so that when I have to persuade overdose patients to attend hospital I can better 'convince' them…


    The 'remote from the dresser' sounds pretty sweet as well…

  6. Last time I looked, ambulance personnel were- incredibly – paid less than secretaries. Mortgage for marital home out of the question?

  7. LOL glad I made you laugh, I like the idea of using mind control to tell people to bugger off and leave me alone, that'd be quite good in my job as well “you do know what you're doing, you'll apologise for being a lazy git and never bother me again”. I've been reading up on NLP as well, and have used a NLP meditation CD, it's very effective I must admit, now I must remember where I put my diskman with it in.

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