Random Act Of Fame

Lots of new people coming here, which is nice, if slightly confusing.
First off I'd recommend you going and reading some of the people I link to, there are some absolute gems over there.

Then if you want to play catch up, and read some of the posts I think best explain me/my job – then look at 'The Story So Far' between my blogchalk and the Webrings. (Suggestions for additions here will be gratefully received).

If I disappear it's because my bandwidth got broken, if so come back next month – I'll still be here…

14 thoughts on “Random Act Of Fame”

  1. Sorry, the Anonymous who typed “vnm”is actually me – I just needed to check if the system accepted my comments without being a member.I am one of the Guardian readers new to your weblog, and yes, I must say you are compelling. Also, there's not much going on at work so it's interesting to read about someone who does something worthwhile and significant for a change. And yes, I'm pretty confident that from now until I go home, nobody is going to die on me. In fact, I doubt I'll have to rush anywhere or face anything mildly unsightly. So to know of stories where you have to go into someone's house, a “suspended”, hearing a woman wailing and getting a chill in your spine… well, that's pretty strong stuff for an office worker like me.

    I don't really have anything else to add – I speak languages and play an instrument and, according to your 81 points (I really have spent most of the afternoon reading this site), that would make me admirable in your eyes. What a joke! I'm just a tosser sitting in front of a desk waiting for 6:00 to arrive to go home… admirable, yeah sure.

    Good luck with the blog. I'll keep on reading.

  2. Hey. I found you on the London tube map thing, about the time you swallowed a mouthful of bloody vomit. I was just looking for local bloggers, and EMT bloggers, so you know, you fit the bill on both counts.-PP

  3. I found your blog quite by accident. It's… amazing to read the other side of the story, the bits I only saw fleetingly as a medical student, seated on the back of an ambulance for a day.Sure, the parameds slouch in and speak briefly about stuff, but to read it in full and loving detail… and to hear about all those DOAs that we never usually give second thought to.

    How much more… moving it must be to be out there, on the frontline, dealing with life and death in it's rawest form.

    I envy you guys, I truly do.


  4. I'm new too, another Guardian devotee, but from as far away as Australia. I think your life is fascinating. Keep writing!

  5. Thanks for drawing your readers' attention to those of us in your sidebar! In a spillover effect, I've gotten a big surge in readers coming over from your blog. The million-pound cheque is in the mail.-Jacob

  6. Brilliant stuff! I've just finished going through most (if not all…okay, so I burned a day of my post-High School summer) of your posts. I've been working for the past year as a volunteer (and hence unable to use my EMT-B skills) in a downtown Emergency Room (your A&E) here in Los Angeles and it's interesting to see that the general idiocy and behavior of patients arriving at night is not limited by national borders…or even oceans.Keep up the amazing work.

  7. *- should say 'some patients' as we /do/ get the friendly and people rushed in by our fire department (alas, we're stuck without a formal and separate EMT system in LA and they've now established guidelines that call for all FD members to be EMT certified, with a goal of all FD members being Paramedic-level within a few years)…even if they do end up throwing up near or on (if we're too slow) our feet.

  8. I also found your blog through the Guardian Online (I'm a regular peruser from Pittsburgh, PA) and am making my way through the entries. Interesting stuff. Keep up the intriguing journalism, sir.

  9. um yeah, thanks by the way for the mention on your sidebar. it has generated traffic. :)i've linked you in turn, but i have a feeling it's more a parasitic and a symbiotic link 🙂 ungrateful me.


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