Slight Site Change

Until now I've had 30 days worth of articles on my main page, this has had to change because a recent spike in visitors has threatened to put me over my bandwidth allowance (Hi there Guardian readers!).
So…If I only have 10 days worth of articles on the main page it should mean I cut my bandwidth usage by nearly two-thirds – right?

7 thoughts on “Slight Site Change”

  1. Aha – but I have been sneaky – the images on the page are from a seperate server, and so don't count against the bandwidth of the blog hosting company. The blog is on (an MyOstrich server) while all the graphics (and 'about me' page are on (a 1&1 hosting server). Both are paid for by me, but it's only money…I'm happy paying for bandwidth, it's just if I'll be allowed it by MyOstrich…

  2. Congrats on the Guardian mention, but I wonder if they realise the bandwidth-destruction one positive review can wreak. You could always sue.

  3. Yeah, drop the page size (article count) and the bandwidth should recover…Congrats on the Guardian link – hope it doesn't put you off posting though, I'm hooked 🙂

  4. Yeah well done. I like reading your blog, it is so real. However hope the Guardian thing does not put too much pressure on you!!! Don't feel you HAVE to write daily just for the sake of it. Quality, not quantity, Sir! Less is more. Blah di Blah. The Floosie.

  5. Oh don't worry about that, the content and amount of content will remain the same – apparently it's quite popular, and I wouldn't want to change what seems to be a winning formula.All I've had to do is to only have a third of my recent posts on the main page.

  6. Sounds good. However, the image of the computer in your ambulance is still going to be hogging bandwidth. For each visitor, that's 117k of data that needs to be transfered on top of your site itself. Changing the link so that people have to click on it to see the picture, rather than bringing the picture up upon page load, will save a tremendous amount of bandwidth.Just a thought.

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