Fallout II

(Note this will be the last post on my HIV result, honest.)
Well I did go out with my brother for a drink to celebrate the fact that my blood isn't a biohazard. I had three pints, got completely tipsy and suddenly realised what a cheap date I've become. I don't drink much these days, partly because of the complete state I see other people in night after night, and partly because I started getting hangovers – when you only have a few days off, you don't want one of them to be spent in bed nursing a sore head.

The brother also bought me two DVDs when I whined that I had no money, he is a good bloke.

My brother is a teacher, and going by what he tells me, should he ever decide to blog about his job, I'd have some stiff competition. The education system truly is the pits. He'd just got a criticising memo telling him that his department was “getting on too well”, nothing like too much morale to spoil a workplace…

Today I went to the panel discussion on “cyber-activism”, which was interesting, but I felt wildly out of place there – loads of students and lecturers were there, and while I knew about the issues (Asian or Gay?, although I note no-one has protested the “British or Gay?” one…) I still felt out of my depth.

Still it took an effort of will to turn up, as I may have mentioned before – without my uniform I'm massively shy; with a uniform I can drag you off the street, give you drugs and undress you – without a uniform I get uncomfortable talking to strangers. So there was a bit of trepidation, especially when I realised I was the first person there…

All the speakers on the panel were very good, although as three of them were from North America I felt their talking about the 1st Amendment was perhaps a little out of place.

Still some good ideas came out of it – perhaps the main four being, “make the issue interesting”, “there is no Civil Society”, “we should seek engagement with the 'enemy'” and “hassle your MP”. I may post more on this later, if I can make sense of my notes.

Back to work tomorrow, 4pm until 1am; should be fun.

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  1. Don't post that and leave it anonymous – you might _like_ to be dragged off the street by me…Oh wait, you've see the picture of me right?


  2. Next time your are with your brother you need to make sure you are standing next to an automobile dealship or jewler when you complain about having no money :-).DJ

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