Yep, the subject line says it all – HIV test is negative, Syphilis test is negative and Hepatitis tests are negative.
Needless to say I am so far beyond 'relieved' as to be numb with it all.

I spent the last 20 hours awake, first at work, then in the 'clap clinic' waiting room; I now think I deserve a deep relaxed sleep.

Goodnight, I'll write more when I wake up…

posted at 11:13am local time

11 thoughts on “Negative”

  1. This doesn't mean that we can't still have international “get an ambulance guy drunk” night, right?Congrats on the clean bill of health.


  2. I know that you are so relieved to hear this news. It must feel as though a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. I have to commend your attitude through out this ordeal though. You are a trooper indeed. 🙂

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