The Climax Draws Near…

I'm feeling a bit fragile at the moment – these nights are really taking it out of me for some reason. I think the main thing that is getting me down is that I should be getting my HIV test result on Friday; as predicted I haven't been worrying for the past 3 months (is it really that long ago?) but with the result due, it is sitting at the back of my mind nagging away. I'm confident that I'll test negative – but even so I have the framework for two blog posts, one Negative, and one Positive.
Either way I think I'll be having a drink or two after I get the result.

At the moment there is some confusion about how I actually get the result – the receptionist at the clinic didn't know if their telephone text messaging trial was still being used – I suspect that on Friday I'll hang around the ambulance station after the end of my last night-shift and then walk down to the clinic and get them to give me the result at nine o'clock. It would be cruel to make me wait until after the weekend…

…So it'll probably happen, or they will have lost the sample or something similarly evil…

Tonight, the only job to really stick in my mind was a 'purple plus' (someone who has died and is beyond our help due to the amount of time they have been dead). It was an 85 year old female, leaving behind her husband of nearly 70 years after she died as he held her hand. A very sad job, he was putting on a brave face, but I think later today it'll sink in – hopefully his son will be with him when it does.

So, dear readers, the next update to this blog (unless my leg drops off) will be after I get my HIV result; I'm not in a frame of mind to write anything legible at the moment (as I'm sure you have noticed). Hopefully my next post will be Friday, but I'm a strong believer in the inherent evil of the Universe – (so I'll talk to you on Monday).

4 thoughts on “The Climax Draws Near…”

  1. only just discovered you (through the Guardian), but good luck. And thank you for the excellent work you people do…

  2. Just heard about your blog thru the guardian. Take it easy about the test, am sure you'll be fine!Good blg too!

  3. My thoughts are with you, dude.There should be a “get an ambulance guy drunk” night in your honor this weekend. Candles and vigils are kind of silly by comparison, no?

    No doubt, you'll be brave. There's more than a few blog-patrons out there rooting for you.


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