Ergh… Woke up, rolled over and turned off the alarm this morning – very nearly late for my 0700-1800 shift. Being able to drive like an idiot at half six in the morning has saved me from being late…
When I went to the Clap Clinic for my HIV test, I was referred to a 'Health Adviser', which is a new name for Counsellor. I am, as regular readers may appreciate, a fairly simple, pragmatic person – within hours of my HIV exposure I was aware of transmission rates, odds of infection and the rates of death caused by electrocution (1 in 5,000) and shooting in America (1 in 2,500). So to be honest counselling was the last thing I needed.

I did a counselling course when I was a nurse, and it did nothing to abuse me of the notion that all counsellors are hippies who consider themselves 'worthy'. I'll have to tell you about the course sometime.

She asked me a load of questions about how I would cope if I were to be found HIV positive (answer – get over it), and cautioned me not to tell anyone I was testing, unless I was happy for them to know the result (answer – the whole world could know – if they read this site). There was some other stuff that is just too dull for words, and definitely to dull to read.

The thing that amused me the most however was not that the 'Advice Room' had the only comfy chairs in the place – but that the counsellor was wearing a sari (the Indian dress). In and of itself not unusual.

Except that the woman wearing it was 'whiter' than me.

I'm well used to 'white' women wearing various Muslim dresses – it's a religion after all, but as far as I'm aware a Sari is a cultural thing. I'm guessing that in her 'equal-opportunities, worthy, multicultural' world that she is proving how “un-racist” she is. This is handy because to be honest out of the 20+ people at the clinic I was in a race/culture minority of one. Not a problem, I know Newham well – it's very diverse.

But, I'd wonder if Asian people would be impressed or non-plussed by her wearing a traditional Indian dress?

Maybe I should start wearing nothing but a Papuan penis sheath?

HIV Test Result should be received by the 28th…

I've tried as hard as possible to make this sound as non-racist as possible – at no point have I meant to cause offence. I hate no 'race' more than another – I hate them all.

3 thoughts on “Dress”

  1. Haha, she's probably from Surrey or somewhere, and, as you say, trying to make a point about being tolerant and 'un-racist'.Any word on the Phosgene?

  2. None as yet – however I did have a chat with a 'high-ranking police source' who told me that the thing they were worrying about was someone stealing a tanker full of Chlorine (there being loads of it around apparently) and reversing it up to a tube station and opening the valves…I have such happy chats with people.

  3. Just trawling your archives… I'm white and I wear sari's sometimes – for no other reason than that I find them comfy and they look really nice. I don't see anything of a statement into it just as I don't see a statement in wearing trousers.Cheers,

    Arwen Lune

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