Good Shots

There is something that I've learnt over many years of health-care work. When you are lifting little old ladies with senile dementia, they will sometimes grab you by the testicles.
And squeeze

This hurts.

I swear, the higher the degree of dementia, the higher the accuracy and the stronger the grip.

And for the love of all that is holy…

Don't drop them.

That hurts even more…

Back to work tomorrow, two twelve hour shifts, a day off then Nights, deep joy – more stabbings/slashings/bottlings/death and destruction. And that's before England are knocked out of Euro 2004.

One thought on “Good Shots”

  1. Absolutely true! My boyfriend works for mencap & he has come home from work several times having suffered from this. Once, they were so badly bruised that he had to take two days off work to recover!

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