Reasonably Quiet

For the first night in ages it has been reasonably quiet on the streets of East London – only one stabbing and that was to the patients arse…
However, while adults are no doubt nursing hangovers the children are out causing mischief. The first two calls we got yesterday were to kids (8 and 10 years old) who had been hit by cars. The first was a 'classic' – child running out towards an ice-cream van. He was alright apart from a broken right ankle. No sooner than he is safely ensconced in hospital than we find ourselves dealing with a child who has run out in front of a car (in the absence of an ice-cream van) and has broken his LEFT ankle.

Tie in a hyperventilating adult, a 14 year old with hay-fever and a drunken 'Colles” fracture and you have a pretty good night.

We had one serious job, a CVA on a train. The CVA wasn't so much the problem as the extrication of the patient, who couldn't move, and yet was combative with his unaffected side. To start off the space between the seats on the train weren't large enough to allow our carry chair to pass. The man was large and heavy so we had to basically manhandle him (in a very undignified manner) him through some connecting doors and out onto the platform. The train station has a big flight of stairs towards street-level and only one lift – and the lift wasn't on the platform we were on. It would have been unsafe to carry this man up the stairs due to his weight and combativeness. In a rare spark of genius I realised that if we waited for a district line train we could carry him through the train onto the other platform. We Blued him into hospital as hid pulse-rate was 40 (should be 60-100).

When I went to see the patient later in hospital he had started to regain his speech and wasn't confused – he was about to go for a CT scan so I'll find out what it showed tonight.

On the drive home I saw a water main had broken, and like the loon I am, I thought 'that might make a nice picture'

A broken water main on the A13

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