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There are eleven radio channels for communicating across London that the ambulance service uses, we in EC sector uses channel 11 while NE uses channel 9. I think that almost all radios were tuned to channel 9, that of the major incident to listen in to what was happening.
It has since become clear that it was a fairground ride that collapsed – sixteen people were transported to hospital after being cleared by HEMS (the helicopter service). From the radio chatter it appears that the most serious injury was a broken leg, most other injuries were fairly minor. Camden ambulance station was commandeered as a refreshment and “debriefing” centre. All injured were out of the scene by five minutes past six.

In London this seems to be fairly minor news, securing just a 20 second spot on the local news.

Today my patients included a baby who decided to catapult itself out of it's mother's birth canal – “bungee-jumping” using the umbilical cord and landing on the floor.

Luckily mother and baby were both fine.

I missed Notcon due to work, so I'm hopeful that they will make good their threat so release MP3s and video of the various talks. I did manage to catch some of the IRC via my sexy new Smartphone.

Tomorrow I start working some 1800-0100 shifts (nine of hem to be exact) which is basically a series of “drunk runs”.

I love it…

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