Busy-ish Day

Busy day today, but not because of a lack of ambos, instead all trucks were manned but the population of London decided to spend today either crashing their cars into each other, or having a fit.
The first call of the day was to a R.T.A which left one car looking like this…

Car with some damage

The driver was fine, and we took him to Newham solely because we wanted breakfast…

Our next job was to an epileptic who had just finished having a fit in the local post office. He started out by looking rather ill, but by the time we reached A&E he was much better. The only thing that worried us was his temperature was 38.5C which is a shade high, even for someone who has been fitting.

No sooner than he had been dealt with, than we were back to another R.T.A – this one involved much less damage; we took the family into A&E because the youngest daughter had gotten a friction burn from the seatbelt. We'd much rather deal with that than a 4 year old flung out a windscreen onto a dual carriageway. The moral of this story? Seatbelts=GOOD

We then had a short break for a cup of tea before being called to a ?meningitis. As soon as I walked in the room I knew that the four year old child wasn't ill. The spots that had appeared were more like a Measles spot – something we are seeing more and more of since the brouhaha in the media about the MMR vaccination and it's supposed link with Autism.

If there are any parents reading this – GET THE VACCINE! The link is far from proven, and yet Measles, Mumps and Rubella are all child killers. I've seen more children killed by measles than I have children who are Autistic. We left the child at home, as the father just wanted reassurance that his child didn't have Meningitis. I gave him a health promotion talk, made him promise to take the child to the GP, and left for our next job, which was a walk in the park.

We were called to Poplar Park, where there was a 25 year old male, supposedly unconscious. Seeing as the last call of this type I'd gone to had been a fatal cardiac arrest I traipsed into the park carrying my full load of kit. Only to find out that it was two lads who had smoked a bit too much of the “wacky baccy” and were incapable of moving. They told us to “fuck off”, so we did – but only after calling the police.

Later in the day we drove past a Rapid Response Car at the fitters – another example of the fine L.A.S driving technique…

Another fine example of LAS driving, a damaged response car

Then it was a long run to a pub where the Irish, alcoholic publican had had an alcoholic seizure with some minor facial injuries. We bundled him up and ran him into A&E where he soon perked up. I swear, every publican I know is an alcoholic, and most of the alcoholics I know are Irish. So an Irish publican is just asking for trouble.

Our supposedly last job of the day was a 62 year old female who had fainted on the London Underground. When we got to her she was still looking ghastly, so after lugging her up a load of stairs (it's not just the disabled who want lifts in all underground stations you know) we got her onto the back of the motor, did a quick 12 lead ECG (which was normal) and took her to the Royal London Hospital.

Unfortunately Control had a different idea than us about it being our last job, so we got sent to a 1 month old child who had vomited. This was as exciting as you can imagine – although I'm rather sanguine about the whole thing as it gave me an hours worth of overtime.

Low point of the day for me was learning that my annual leave for Sunday couldn't be granted. I'm annoyed because I really wanted to got to Notcon.

So instead I've put myself down for some overtime, which brings my current workload up to a 12 day stretch. I may go for longer, just to see how long I can work before I break.

I'll see if the overtime dries up before I do…

3 thoughts on “Busy-ish Day”

  1. Not very impressed about the “most Irish are alcoholics”. You must only know 1 irish person, as I think its English people that have a drink problem hense the government trying everything to try & combat it. The Irish government need not waste their time as they haven't a fraction of the trouble the UK has. You should know if you are an EMT

  2. (I hope you read this)If you take a look at what I wrote, it's actually “most alcoholics I know are Irish”, not “Most Irish are alcoholics”. There is a huge difference between what I wrote, and what you think I wrote.

    Out of the 13 alcoholics I can think of, eight are Irish, or of Irish background (this is not including the man mentioned in the post). Therefore what I have stated is a fact.

    And the English are combating 'binge drinking', not alcoholism.

    As an aside, in 2002 the UK drank 9.6 litres of alcohol per person, while Ireland drunk 10.8 litres. Not that there is a point to be made there, but interesting nonetheless.

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