Lack Of Enthusiasm

I haven't written for a bit as I've hit a patch of “lack of enthusiasm”, most of the time I'm running around doing *stuff* – but every so often I just want to lay in bed and do nothing.
Some things that I have been enjoying recently-


Eric Idle – FCC Song

Beatles – Come Together

I managed to delete 9Gb of data from my hard disc this morning, all because the new Nvidia drivers decided that my monitor could be driven at 97Hz (which it can't). Trying to make the driver “stick” to 70Hz was an exercise in frustration so I used “system restore”, which has worked, but it also tricked me into deleting a hell of a load of downloads. Can you guess how I feel?

At work, you can sign up for text messages offering overtime shifts. The phone has just buzzed, and out of the four ambulances that are supposed to run out of my station tomorrow, it looks like I'll be the only one working. I suspect that I'll be just a tad busy. My fingers are crossed for for someone needing some extra money and therefore a bit of overtime.

Talking about money – It's a “five week” month for me, a big wait until my next pay-packet. My current pay is the lowest it can go, as I was sick on PEP for that time, and have no overtime/subs pay to bolster the amount. I also have to pay my rent three times before I get paid again.

Oh well, back to work tomorrow, where I can forget all that crap for twelve hours.

3 thoughts on “Lack Of Enthusiasm”

  1. “Rodeohead” — known for their impenetrably futuristic American country music? Yee haw. :)I find your site a very good read, so try not to be without enthusiasm for too too long.


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