Whining Machine

I'm doing my overtime shift now, but unfortunately we are off the road at the moment, my ginger-bearded crewmate (not my normal crewmate) managed to reset the computer we have in the ambulance – this has caused an intense whining sound from the speakers, and more disturbingly a smell of electrical burning.
“We'd like to return to base please”, we asked Control over the radio, “we can smell burnng”.

“Are you sure it's safe”, they replied.

“I hope so, we'll find out on the way”, was my crewmates reply.

As of yet it hasn't burst into flames – but we parked it in the middle of the yard so that if it did decide to self-immolate it wouldn't damage the station building and it's very important tea-making facilities.

So now we are trying to find a spare motor, as the only other motor on station at the moment doesn't have any internal lights – which considering we are working at night – would make the shift “interesting” at least.

We have only done two jobs so far, and need an ambulance so we can go get some kebabs for our midnight snack, that and how can I torture drunks if I'm stuck on station?

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