I've gone back over the last month and have answered any questions that were put in the comments of postings. Remember, you can always get a quick answer off me if you email me. From some of the search terms that bring people here, I'd be more than happy to dispense my wisdom on those as well (If I know what I'm talking about).
I spoke to a copper from Limehouse today – they still haven't found the transit van with the Phosgene, that coupled with the 'attack' on the House of Commons yesterday seem to be reminding the Emergency (and 'essential') services that there is always the risk of trouble. Yet there hasn't been any information from the media, is this the “secrecy” that the Panorama programme was talking about?

If you want to know what is happening in Manchester with the Fire Service, you could do worse than to look here. Basically the FBU were made promises that have yet to be fulfilled.

Now time to relax and enjoy the fictional 24.

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