Wake Up!

Today would be the last of my 12hr shifts. Except I'm doing over-time this Friday, I'm a bit of a whore for money at the moment, so I'll have the fun of a Friday night shift before my seven day shifts with an overtime shift at the end of that stretch.I'm enamoured of blogging on the move, I use my PDA for all sorts of stuff, e-books, calendar and the odd game on a slow night; but coupled with the excellent (and not $90) Blogware it makes blogging from the cab a piece of cake. I'm writing this while sitting outside Newham hospital and means I can sleep and eat when I get home, rather than blogging as a 'duty to my readers'.
For the past couple of days we've not had anything that could be considered an 'emergency', lots of walking wounded and 'LOB' (Load Of Bollocks).
Our first call was a chest pain, who looked fine, if hypertensive with a history of angina, he hadn't taken his own GTN (angina medicine), so we got him on the back of the ambulance, did a 12 lead ecg – which showed an angina attack and gave him GTN and an aspirin.
Within a minute he was sweating profusely, his blood pressure had dropped and his level of consciousness had crashed, with little seizures. He became bradycardic and for a moment we thought he was going to arrest in front of us. It
Just goes toshow how quickly you have to 'wake uo'. Luckily for all concerned (especially him), it was just a 'vagal' attack brought on by an over sensitivity to the GTN (which is why he had not taken his own supply), so now he is comfortable in hospital and we avoided a ton of paperwork…
Now we are outside the hospital watching the planes taking off and landing from City airport awaiting our next call.
(And I've managed to have another fried breakfast – I'll manage to fit my 44″ trousers yet…)

3 thoughts on “Wake Up!”

  1. What is GTN? I don't think we use that here in the US unless its just Nitrogylcerine in another abbreviation (we use NTG).

  2. Yep Doc, GTN=Glycerine Tri-Nitrate – same thing as your NTG.We also give Asprin and Paracetamol instead of Salicilate acid and aecta…whatever

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