So damn tired…
I'm currently at that point where I wonder whether I am hungry enough to cook dinner before I go to sleep. Which biological urge will win out?

Today, our control wanted us to go to an emergency call when we were the other side of the Thames – I rather politely asked them if we were the nearest motor as we weren't actually a boat, the reply was, “Yes, do you have your water wings?”. So we ended up going a couple of miles out of our way to cross the river.

The call was a faint, probably from the heat that is roasting London at the moment – at least the women are wearing revealing clothes, which makes our job of cruising through the street a bit more enjoyable.

Picked up two psychiatric drug-using patients in a row who were drunk and laying in the road perhaps 500 yards away from each other. Some children were poking the last one with a stick…

Then there was the 51 year old 4' 4″ Asian grandmother who, upon seeing her husbands car being stolen jumped on the back and hung onto the rear windscreen wiper. She was flung off and thankfully not seriously hurt, mainly bruising and gravel rash. Unfortunately the car that was stolen including her house keys and bank books. The A&E was so busy they had to put her out in the waiting room – something that annoyed me no end, especially as the nurse that did it had already annoyed me by suggesting that I didn't know what the symptoms of Bulimia were.

Now to eat/sleep – then lather/rinse/repeat tomorrow.

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